Valuing Parents Linking Policy and Practice
March 28th and 29th 2019

Capturing the Evidence in Family Learning
Family Learning Forum held in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland 28th May 2014

National Family Literacy Links


Enabling Intergenerational Learning: Background Report of Family Literacy Practices in Irish Education and Training Boards.

Family Literacy Research SOLAS/ETBI/NALA 2020

Family Literacy Practice in ETBs
Guidelines, Case studies and Recommendations 

Digital Family Literacy Research Project – Trinity College Dublin 2020

  1. What are the individual and family literacy practices of families where a parent has literacy learning needs, in particular focusing on the uses of and access to technology?
  2. What technologies to support literacy are effective in developing constrained early literacy skills (e.g. letter knowledge, phonics)?
  3. Can these technologies, employed in a family literacy programme, support family literacy practices and develop the literacy skills of both parents and children?


Family Learning Tutor Training

Family learning staff develop training modules to suit local needs, specifically for a topic e.g. My Baby and Me or a refresher course for those who may have attended training some years ago.

Topics covered can include:

  • Theory and research
  • Programme themes
  • Increasing parental understanding of how school works at primary and second level
  • Providing fun learning opportunities based around home and family to encourage positive attitudes and further participation in learning
  • Explaining curriculum content and helping parents identify how they can help with homework and study skills
  • Promoting greater engagement with books and stories at all ages
  • Working in partnership and recruitment
  • Evaluation and progression.

We have lots of resources to share and the training will facilitate sharing of ideas.

Family Learning Evaluation

Family learning evidence is built up by staff see some reports below:

“The world needs your stories”: Creating digital stories in an Irish family literacy program in a  PowerPoint Presentation


Parents in 1994 attending literacy classes requested help with their children’s homework. The first family learning classes started as a pilot project. The work was developed by Clare Adult Basic Education Service.

Clare Family Learning Resource Pack was published in 2000, to support parents helping their children’s emerging literacy and numeracy skills. As courses were piloted, research carried out, more resources were developed in response to local and national needs.

Clare Family Learning is now part of Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board. It is known nationally and internationally for developing courses, tutor training and support.

Information on involvement in EU projects.

Clare Family Learning 1994-2019 – A brief History.