Involvement in EU Projects




Involvement in EU Projects

Clare Family Learning has been part of a number of EU and international projects since 2004.

Projects have included Erasmus+, Grundtvig, Comenius Regio and CEDEFOP:

European Basic Skills Network Annual Conference, Talinn, Estonia June 5th -7th, 2019

Hosted 3 Educational staff from Finland on a study visit 27th- 29th March, 2019.

UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, Germany:  Clare Family Learning collaborated with international Family Literacy staff on an intergenerational approach to literacy and learning resource to support families. Learning Together Across Generations: Guidelines for Family Literacy and Learning Programmes 2016-2017

Hosted 4 Norwegians from an Adult Education Centre in Drammen, attended Clare Family Learning tutor training in February 2016.

Presented Clare Family Learning Project to the National Families Learning Summit, Houston, Texas, USA, in March 2015.

Hosted 7 staff from Luxembourg on a Study Visit to Ennis, planning to set up a similar  Family Learning programme, May 2015.

Family Learning International Training, Linkoping, Sweden. 23rd, 24th September 2014.

Hosted 20 Norwegians on a Study Visit to Clare Family Learning Project 2nd and 3rd April 2014.

Hosted 2 Swedish Teachers on Job Shadowing to Clare Family Learning Project, March 2014.

Member of CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) EU funded Family Learning Study Visit to Linkoping, Sweden. October 2013.

2012 Grundtvig Training for Training Oxford, UK. Developing Inclusive Intergenerational Family Learning as a Tool for Lifelong Learning reference number 29th September to 4th October 2012 Session ID 44396

EU Comenius Regio Project Roma Families learning 2010-2012 with partner area in Aydin, Turkey. Developed booklets for parents How to help children do well in school. Czech/English and Slovak/English versions.

Hosted German Erasmus Student to Clare Family Learning Project, for research thesis on family learning. April to June 2010

Hosted 4 Norwegians on Study Visit to Clare Family Learning Project April 2010.

International Family Learning Grundtvig Training for Trainers. 13th– 17th October 2009. Adult Education Centre, Ennis, Co. Clare.

Family Learning in Ireland.  Presentation 26th March 2009 – International Conference ‘Good school – equal opportunities.’ Jögeva Municipality, Estonia.
Delivering Family Learning Programmes Training workshop 27th March 2009 Jögeva, Estonia.

Family Learning, from Theory to Practical Activities. Presentation and workshop at FACE IT! Integrated Training and International Conference, EuroEd, Iasi, Romania July 2-4, 2008. Grundtvig Partnership. (FACE – IT Project 2006 – 2008)

International Family Learning and Active Citizenship Tutor Training. Clare Education Centre, Ennis. 27th – 29th February 2008. Grundtvig Training for Trainers.

Engaging Dads. Presentation at International Leargas Grundtvig Partnership and Contact Seminar on Family Literacy and Numeracy. Old Ground Hotel, Ennis. 22nd -25th November 2007

International Training How to Develop a Family Approach to Active Citizenship. Adult Education Centre, Ennis. 14th-17th November 2007. Grundtvig Training for Trainers. (FACE – IT Project 2006 – 2008)

Using and adapting Clare Family Project Resource Pack to meet the needs of different target groups. Presentation and workshop at FALCON – Family Learning Conference, Oslo, Norway. 31st August to September 4th  2005. Grundtvig Thematic Seminar (FALCON Project 2003 – 2005).