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Welcome to Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board’s Family Learning website.

Originally developed by Clare Family Learning, part of our Core Skills provision in County Clare, the site was expanded to include resources that are now used by providers across the country. It is known nationally and internationally for course development, tutor training and providing advice and support.

Our Family Learning origins began in County Clare in 1994 and this has grown in strength over the past two decades across the region and Ireland.

We hope you find something useful on these pages to use with your family, or with your work with families.

Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board has a wide range of Further Education and Training courses available across the region. Courses depend on numbers interested in attending, funding and tutor availability.

Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board is the state education and training authority for the Limerick and Clare region of Ireland.

What is Family Learning?

  • Family learning classes are run in the community.
  • Learning as a family encourages confident, lifelong learners
  • Parents are teaching their children from birth
  • Family learning helps parents on their own learning journey

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What parents say about Family Learning

So much more to learn

 Realising there is so much more to learn. Simple ideas to use within the home and with the children. I spend more time with my daughter.

Best decision made

Coming to this class was the best decision I’ve made for a long time.

My confidence increased

Tutor made each and every lesson a pure pleasure. She increased my confidence and made me feel proud of everything I created.

On the right track

It’s good to just know that you’re on the right track, some reassurance.