Tutor Courses






General aims of these sessions:

  • Encourage family to be ‘green’ at home
  • Examine easy ways of being ‘green’
  • Inspire parent and child on ‘green’ issues
  • Promote literacy and numeracy through ‘green’ topics
  • Improve communication as a family, and between home and school
  • Parents learn in a relaxed and friendly environment

Course objectives:

To encourage parents and children to:

  • Share the learning from Green schools work with families
  • Grow your own food, how long does it take to grow a salad?
  • Promote wildlife in your garden. Build a bug hotel, grow flowers and herbs.
  • Estimate food waste, and creative ideas on how to reduce or recycle
  • Examine how energy is made, used and how usage might be reduced
  • Identify how families use water and how it might be reduced or recycled
  • Measure the numbers of birds and bird types in the garden/ outside your home
  • Identify the insects that live around your home area