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General aims of these sessions:

Discover many fun ways to keep children occupied coming up to Christmas Learn how to help children make small gifts for other family members Explore ways to use what is about the home to make creative gifts

Topic Content
1. Christmas cards Using a variety of papers to create 3D, pop up and textured cards.
2. Salt dough decorations Making basic salt dough mixture and shape for the festive seaon, bells, stars, snowflake. Baking and decorating.
3. Felt decorations Using variety of colours to make Christmas decorations or puppets for the tree.
4. Christmas Angel Making a Christmas angel out of a paper plate. Getting creative with decorating.
5. Stained glass effect window decoration Using clear plastic or acetate and permanent markers to first outline a festive image in black and then colour.
6. Christmas centrepiece Parents bring in fresh evergreen branches and a saucer to make their centrepiece. Additional greenery and decorations may be provided. Oasis and florist tape are needed. Red florist ribbon and florist wire add the festive touch





Topic 6: Christmas centrepiece


Florist wire
Red ribbon (or other colours)
Red candle and holder
Small oasis foam 7.5cm high
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Various evergreen branches
Florist tape
Stapler and staples

Task Suggested Activities
Soak fresh oasis in water Parents put all oases to soak in water.
Value for money Ask parents to estimate the cost of a Christmas centrepiece bought in a shop. Ask them to guess the cost of the centrepiece they will make.
Demonstration Demonstrate how to make a centrepiece together. Show different shapes to suit the location at home, e.g. narrow and long for windowsill or mantelpiece, round for table.
Selecting the greenery Ask parents to plan their colours and layouts, trimming branches to suit their planned size of finishing centrepiece.
Preparing the base Put oasis in centre of saucer – use florist tape to keep in position. Put candle holder in centre and tape in position.
Adding greenery Firmly place the cut ends of branches into the soaked oasis. Start with longer branches at the bottom of the base and gradually move up the base adding shorter branches until the oasis is filled. Leave space for the candle and holder. Rotate to make sure each side is balanced.
Making bows Gently fold up lengths of red ribbon into bow shapes. Staple at base. Hook florist wire across the base and twist to hold ribbon. Make three ribbons, push into the greenery in a balanced design. Place candle in position.
Adding decorations Add decorations brought from home, e.g., Christmas ornaments, ornamental birds/butterflies, pinecones, etc.
Children’s decoration Show parents how they can make a Christmas arrangement with their children using a cut potato, tinfoil, cocktail sticks and greenery etc.
Final thoughts Reveal and discuss the actual cost of the centrepiece and compare with estimates. Remind parents to keep the saucer topped up with water, so greenery will stay fresh. Also never to leave children unsupervised in a room with a lighted candle or leave a lighted candle unattended.


Literacy Links:

Following instructions
Asking questions
Expressing opinions

Numeracy Links:

Estimating costs, comparing costs. Measuring, designing a pattern to suit location, cutting branches to fit oasis, making shapes, measuring shapes