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General aims of these sessions:

Looking at rights and responsibilities as citizens Information about the social and political world A model of active citizenship for children and parents Learning more about how to engage with and support the local community Understanding how the Irish government works

Topic Content
1. Learning about each other Talk about people who have made a difference in our lives, local and worldwide.
2. Getting familiar with local area, Ireland and other countries Look at globe, map of world, to find where parents are from. Look at local map, identify facilities and resources. Create individual maps with key useful places for your family marked on it.
3. How the political system works Polite words and phrases Discuss different political systems in home countries, compare to Irish system. Review worksheets. Handouts of phrases. Role-play when to use these.
4. Geography of Ireland How health and education work Use map of Ireland handout. Identify counties parents have visited, distances. How to access health and education in Ireland handout by tutor.
5. Understanding voting in Ireland Exercise on who’s who in political parties. Game to match minister’s name and image with portfolio. How to vote handout.
6. What local government is responsible for? Parents list what jobs local government covers. Compare and discuss.
7. ‘Who will I vote for?’ How to register to vote. Complete application forms. Parents identify needs in local community. How to match candidates with your needs.
8. Cultural diversity What are the similarities between Irish and other cultures, what are the differences? Discuss
9. Identify a local issue Parents work on one issue they feel strongly about. Prepare a position on this. What type of action could be taken? A letter, visit?



www.clarecoco.ie or local county council website


Topic 3: Citizenship


Magazines with images
Art materials to create poster
Flip chart paper
Computers with internet access

Task Suggested Activities
How to decide who to vote for Discuss what is needed for a happy, healthy life for our families. In groups, use magazines to cut out images of an ideal community. Share with groups. What is the first step in achieving this?
How to identify needs in the community Look at local papers and try to identify interests and needs. Discuss what are the local resources and facilities and any gaps. Use post-its to write up 3 needs. Place on wall/ whiteboard.
Exploring how to match your needs with candidates. Check your county council website for local candidates. Read through candidate issues and see do these match your own issues?
Using the internet as support Use worksheets on identifying issues on www.vote.ie


Literacy Links:

Matching words with pictures
Writing local needs
Reading local candidates profiles.
Scanning for relevant information
Voicing issues in group.

Numeracy Links:

Number of candidates locally
Dates for next elections
Current issues in latest local papers.