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Use the library to get up to date art and craft books for ideas. Try to keep in mind the core Family Learning ideas:

  1. Use what is around the home to make and do
  2. Parents and children work together on the task
  3. The Family Learning session is a trial run for the parent so that they can go home confident in their ability to show their child what to do.

Some activities include:



Materials: TV and other magazines, Scraps of fabric and wool, A4 or A3 sheets of paper, Scissors, Glue.

  • Using the free TV magazines, cut out the days of the week, they are a different colour for each day.
  • Take a sheet of paper for your chosen day and paste on the day at the top or in the middle.
  • Cut and paste all the pictures from magazines, scraps of fabric and wool the same colour as the day.
  • Now cut out and paste over the top your favourite TV programmes that are shown on that day and the times.
  • Discuss with the child the different shades of colour, the textures of the fabrics, the favourite TV programmes they have chosen and the times they are shown. Ask parents to ask their child why they like this programme. They might get a surprise answer.



Materials: Card, Circular plate to draw around, Felt pens, Split pin or small button and paper clip, Magazines, Scissors, Glue

  • Draw around a plate and cut out the clock shape.
  • Write the numbers 1 to 12 on the clock face
  • Write individual numbers on card and cut out.
  • Encourage the child to choose a picture they like or a photograph to stick in the middle of the clock to decorate.
  • Cut out one short and one long clock hand and attach to the middle of the clock with the split pin or button and paper clip.
  • Encourage the child to match the individual numbers to the ones on the clock.
  • Encourage the child to look through magazines and cut out numbers to match the ones on the clock. Make a clock book to match the numbers. One page for each number paste in the numbers.
  • Encourage the child to set the clock to their favourite TV programme/teatime etc.


Materials: Magazines/Old Catalogues, Card, Scissors, Glue

  • With the child cut out pictures from the magazines/catalogues eg dresses, handbags, toys, shoes, computers, phones. Stick onto card and decide on a price, write it underneath or use price tags from bought items.
  • Make play money: coins and cash from card circles and paper.
  • Set up shop.